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                                                                              DouBleVision Interview

                                                                              DouBleVision Interview

                                                  Cool Conversations With Cam Quotes Interview

                                                  Cool Conversations With Cam Quotes Interview




"When we sat down with THE Jay Shalé for this month's VOM interview, we were pleasantly surprised to find that she was as genuine as she is talented. Releasing her first two singles as a singer this year, Jay sat down with us and naturally drew us in with her realness... Singer/songwriter. Comedian. DJ. Artist. Athlete. Coach. Jay has so many talents, she has taken on the title of 'entertainer'. But it's not the talent she possesses that sets her apart. It's the drive and passion inside of her that won't allow her to quit." 

- DouBleVision









"You can't necessarily compare [her] right away to anyone that's hot right now.. When I hear [her] music I don't hear other people, and I think that's personally dope about what [she] does." 

- CamQuotes

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