DJ. Recording Artist. Actress. Model. The list goes on.

Besides being pretty dope on the basketball court, receiving a college scholarship for bowling (whaaaa?), having played the cello since the 5th grade, participating in band and orchestra throughout middle and high school, working at NASA and leaving her corporate job at Eli Lilly & Co. in Indianapolis, Indiana to pursue music full-time (where was I going with this again?) oh yeah! Jay Shalé is a pretty talented and versatile entertainer! And I guess she’s pretty cool too.

Born in Regensburg, Germany, Jay has moved around a bit, letting each experience add to her personal development. Taking her vocal abilities a bit more serious, she actively started pursuing singing and rapping in the spring of 2014, letting her life experiences influence her work. Jay produces as well, having reproduced some of the covers she's posted online! Vocally, while attending Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, Jay has performed in Houston, Dallas, and Austin.

Initially, Jay moved to Indianapolis after landing a pretty awesome corporate job in HR with pharma giant Eli Lilly & Co. post graduation. After having left the company in the Spring of 2016, Jay has since performed around the city and posts covers on her YouTube channel. She had her very first performance as a full-time artist back at Lilly for their Summer Concert Series in 2016. Jay had the honor of being a guest judge for Indiana’s Talent, host the Indy Rap Cypher, and be a featured vocalist for a Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu Tribute Concert. Her newest record, “Fool,” released on January 11, 2019, has amassed over 60k streams across all digital streaming services to date (mid-February, 2019), has received radio play, and was even featured on RnBass’ Youtube Channel.

Since February 2017, Jay Shalé, better yet DJ Shalé, has been taking several states by storm. Self-taught, she became a resident DJ at three of the hottest Indianapolis clubs in the city where she spun for celebrities such as rapper Trina and Black Ink Crew: Chicago tattoo artist Ryan Henry, just to name a few. In July 2017, she spun at the "400 Fest at the Brickyard" that featured the late Mac Miller and DJs Major Lazor and The Chainsmokers. She has had popular Nashville clubs jumping with guest hosts Jilly Anais and Nikki Mudarris, with Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX, Huntsville, AL, Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL, Montgomery AL, Brooklyn, NY, Charlotte, NC, and Los Angeles, CA being just a few other cities she's brought the vibes to in 2017, and early 2018. In addition to that, she’s had a guest radio slot on Indianapolis’ Hot 96.3, and she's been on the big stage, having spun during the Colts vs. Titans game over the 2017 Thanksgiving weekend.

She moved to Atlanta, GA in April of 2018, where she's been expanding her entertainment influence DJing at several Atlanta clubs including being a resident DJ at Empire ATL Lounge, owned by QC (Quality Control). She had the opportunity to DJ for the LARGEST Falcons game against Saints, performing in front of a packed Mercedez-Benz Stadium of 72,000+ fans! She also DJed the MLS Cup Champ Atlanta United Semi-Finals Watch Party! DJ Shalé has since also DJed for celebrities like Cardi B, Gucci Mane, Lil Baby and Lebron James while they were hosting in several Atlanta clubs, as well as for Lance Gross, Karrueche, PJ Tucker, Jeezy, MachineGunKelly, Rotimi and others over the 2019 All-Star Weekend. DJ Shalé has also been the Green Room DJ for Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out for Season 12 and 13. She’s gone viral on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for her spunky and fun “less than 5 minute” DJ throwback mixes, landing more than 50 million hits across the social platforms. Her videos landed her the opportunity to open for the LEGENDARY DJ Jazzy Jeff in Portland, on March 1, 2019.

Jay Shalé’s comedic personality led her to land a guest Teacher’s Aide role for All Def Digital’s very popular YouTube show “Roast Me,” as well as joke with other comedians for All Def Digital’s Best Fictional Football Team debate. Combining comedy with DJing, she DJed the Crazy, Sexy, Cool Comedy Tour featuring D’Lai, Billy Sorrells, and Jasmine Luv. Jay was also featured in “Dat Feeling,” a music video for the GRAMMY-NOMINATED Chris Dave and the Drumheadz. Her various Instagram sketches and motivational messages have amassed over 900k views alone!

Managed by Blizz with Outlet Management as of January 2019, Jay Shalé is ready to make an impact on the industry, and the lives of many, many others!

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